Who We Are. What We Offer.

Who We Are. What We Offer.


Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings.
     Miles Franklin

This statement by the Australian author Miles Franklin has intrigued and found resonance with us since the very first time we read it. During our years as pastors – especially through visiting people who have been confined in their homes or in hospital rooms or as we’ve have sat with them following the death of someone they love, or counseling them in distress or pain or loneliness or uncertainty – and as we have grappled with our own families’ challenges with cancer, financial pressures, career directions and disability, we have learned how very much all of us from time to time so vitally need to be heard, to be listened to, to know that our struggles and questions are not just ours to bear alone.

That is why we am excited to share with you that we have established the non-profit spiritual counseling service, Someone to Tell it To, Inc.: A Safe Place to Share Our Stories, to Find Healing and Understanding.

Tom, a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, near Lexington, KY, and Michael a graduate of Lancaster Theological Seminary. have been preparing for this move for several years and have spent extensive time in reflection, study, prayer, discussion and planning to establish an outreach to both those of established faith and to those to whom faith is still a mystery but who are exploring just what spirituality and faith could mean to them in their life’s journey. Out of both of our professional and personal life experiences we have come to answer the call to create Someone to Tell it To, to help guide others to find the life of hope, joy, love and peace that we are all meant to have.

That is why we will offer spiritual guidance and insights to enable those searching for meaning to find it, those wanting deeper relationships to learn to develop them and those needing to know that they are innately worthy of love and acceptance to discover and embrace that. We want to offer a safe place, a safe place where anyone, with any issue, can come to share, to unload and to find clarity and – we hope – to find healing and well-being. And we plan to offer this without cost to anyone who comes to us. If someone can afford to make a donation for services we will accept it. But most significantly, we want to be able to turn no one away based on their ability to pay. This ministry is especially for those who cannot afford a fee-for-service counselor.

And we will do that in these ways – through individual and group in-person counseling, Tele-counseling, Email and online counseling, Tele-support groups, counseling via Skype, forums for online written sharing and dialogue, Facebook, regular blog messages of encouragement and support, and website information and education.

And in order to do all that we need adequate financial resources to pay for each of the services required to establish the non-profit, above, and to pay for our time and professional services. We are reaching out to a large variety of foundations, charitable entities, churches and individuals to help us meet our funding goals of $100,000 for 2012.

Our website is www.someonetotellitto.org. We hope that you will “like” us here on Facebook.

We covet your encouragement, your prayers and your support as we continue to establish and grow this very vital work and mission. Each of those things from you means the world to us.

Thank you.


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