Use Empathy-Based Listening in Intense Conversations

Use Empathy-Based Listening in Intense Conversations

SEASON 4: EPISODE 8 | November 30, 2021

Use Empathy-Based Listening in Intense Conversations

with Eric Maddox

Eric Maddox joins us in this episode of the podcast. He was a member of a Delta Force Special Operations team in Tikrit, Iraq that was part of the Command responsible for tracking down Saddam Hussein, who was found and captured on December 13, 2003.

Eric shares his story as an interrogator working in top-secret conditions to find Hussein using a process called empathy-based listening. 

Empathy-based listening in practice helps us in intense conversations by asking the “right” questions to get people to open up, guides us in following conversational breadcrumbs, helps build trust, and keeps us focused on others’ needs and desires. 

You may not find yourself in conflicts like Eric, but you may find yourself in relational conflicts. How can Eric’s empathy-based approach alter intense conversations with those within your sphere of influence?


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