The Kids Trust

The Kids Trust

To help young children of abuse grow up in a safe, happy and exciting environment, but to also increase awareness of child abuse.

This is the mission of The Kids Trust, a central Pennsylvania non-profit organization created by the late Gary L. Houck, Jr.  It was Gary’s passion to let children who are abused know that they are not alone, that others care about them, that the abuse is not their fault and that there are others out there who are able to offer them support, understanding and healing from their anquish and pain.

We recently met Gary’s sister Kara, who directs The Kids Trust, along with his parents and many other compassionate people who care deeply about the mental and emotional health of children, and we saw their passion and dedication to this cause.  
In light of the far too many recent headlines about child abuse – whether it’s sexual, physical, emotional or through neglect – we believe that it is important to lift up those groups that are especially attuned to understanding and providing sources of strength and hope to countless young lives.  The horrifying reports of sexual abuse that have come out of the trial that just convicted Jerry Sandusky of dozens of crimes against boys entrusted to his care – crimes committed here in our region of the country – compel us to write, to affirm the work of groups in our midst that are doing something significant to bind up the wounds of the many lives shattered through the horror of child abuse.  
We thank everyone connected with The Kids Trust and commend their mission, a mission of hope and life-giving healing and empowerment.


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