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A Tradition that Cemented a Friendship – and a Listening Movement

Our goal each year is to get the two big leather club chairs directly in front of the massive stone fireplace.  As we’ve written about many times before, it’s our annual tradition to spend several hours a few days before Christmas, in the Iberian Lounge, in the dimly-lit, beautifully-decorated room, at the Hotel Hershey, in…
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Don’t Be a Bystander, Be an Upstander

SEASON 5: EPISODE 1 | August 2, 2022 Don’t Be a Bystander, Be an Upstander with Rabbi Ron Symons Today marks the start of the fifth season of the Someone To Tell It To Podcast. We believe that to help the world to listen requires putting consistent, constant content about listening and its tremendous transformative…
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Our Collective Stress

Approximately six years ago Someone To Tell It To was invited into the home of a very special ‘Someone’–her name was Terri Roberts–and she was the mother of gunman Charles Carl Roberts IV who took innocent Amish hostages, shooting ten girls (aged 6–13), killing five, before taking his own life in a schoolhouse, on October…
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One of the Most Potent Forces

I have been listening to your voice quite a lot lately, through many episodes of your excellent podcast, for which I would like to congratulate you – it is interesting, well executed, and overall inspiring and brings hope. Thank you! Listening to your podcast has also been one of the factors that have strengthened in…
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Dinner was over.  The lights of the Vancouver, British Columbia, harbor twinkled outside the ballroom’s large windows.  The evening’s emcee gracefully called everyone away from their conversations around the tables as the awards ceremony was about to begin.  The highpoint of the International Listening Association’s annual convention, at Simon Fraser University, the ceremony was the…
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New Possibilities. New Realities.

“Could I help you get your things up to the boardwalk?”  He asked us that last month, as we were packing up to leave the beach late that Sunday afternoon, during our annual week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  He’d obviously noticed us, and had been watching from his spot several yards down the beach.  It…
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Silver Linings

Our team completed a two-day compassionate listening training event, our very first in Someone To Tell It To’s history.  The event was a big commitment for both the leaders and the participants, committing much of their weekends to learning, growing, and experiencing the power of listening together.  We could see the exhaustion (and enthusiasm) on…
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L.I.S.T.E.N.—N is for Notice

We listen best with our eyes wide-open. Our eyes are emblematic of what’s going on inside our hearts.  Focusing in with our eyes and hearts is a powerful magnet for connecting with people.     —Listening 2by2: A Paradigm Shift for Leaders (That’s When the Magic Happens!) Every week, for the next six weeks, we are…
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L.I.S.T.E.N.—E is for Excellence

“The ultimate goal of listening is to know others and to be known by others.  There is always more to learn about someone else.” —Listening 2by2: A Paradigm Shift for Leaders (That’s When the Magic Happens!) Every week, for the next six weeks, we are sharing one of Someone To Tell It To’s values, one…
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Christmas Fireplace

L.I.S.T.E.N.—T is for Teamwork

“A leader expresses genuine interest in and is curious about others’ hopes, dreams, and visions for the organization and for the personal lives of those they lead. Acknowledge what they say. Respond positively to their needs and desires, to their ideas. They will trust you, begin to express their thoughts, and respect you more and more.”…
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