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To Be A Better Leader, Refrain From Asking One Question

The past few years leadership experts such as Simon Sinek have written books and spoken extensively about the need to ask “WHY?” questions, which give leaders permission to dream, vision, create a better world than what we’ve had before.  Thanks to each of them, I’ve been given permission to be me – the idealist, the…
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The Constant Breaking News

It grows increasingly difficult to know what to say each time yet another mass shooting occurs in this country. This week there have been two shootings in California in three days with 18 people dead so far, bringing the total to 37 lives ended in the United States by mass shootings in just 23 days…
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… At the same time

For years, as each year is coming to a close, Nicholas Kristof, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, has written a commentary reminding readers that no matter how awful, chaotic, or disastrous the year may have been, it was still the best year that history has ever known. Kristof doesn’t deny the terrible circumstances that resulted during…
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Take Time for Self-Care

Take Time for Self-Care: Notice symptoms of stress and practice caring for yourself after listening This is the last in a series of six statements about the values and objectives of Someone To Tell It To’s listening, training, and educational programs. Living these values is how we are helping the world to listen. Several days…
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Time is How You Spend Your Love

So that she could more comfortably sleep, the cardiac intensive care room was darkened, and only those lights spilling in from the nurses’ station outside of it illuminated the room.   Yeah, and the glow from the multitude of monitors, measuring more vital signs than I could even begin to understand.  More than a dozen IV’s…
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Busyness-The New Spirituality

As we write this message this morning, we’ve already taken a swim. It’s a massively hot day here in the northeast U.S. and temperatures are approaching 100 degrees. It’s been in the 90’s, without relenting, for the past week. We’re writing in our bare feet, with the Wimbledon semi-finals playing in the background and we…
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