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Compassion Fatigue

Massive exposure to human misery often leads to psychic numbness.  Our minds cannot tolerate being constantly reminded of things which interfere with what we are doing at the moment.   ~Henri Nouwen  This morning I (Tom) watched the news and was struck by the formulaic/ritualized way the news was presented.  I heard about two children…
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Compassionate Presence

When do we receive real comfort and consolation?  Is it when someone teaches us how to think or act?  Is it when we receive advice about where to go or what to do?  Is it when we hear words of reassurance and hope?  Sometimes, perhaps.  But what really counts is that in moments of pain…
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Compassion Defined

Compassion means full immersion in the condition of being human.~Nouwen For next several blogs we want to talk about Compassion.  And specifically, we want to reference a book we love by Henri Nouwen called, Compassion.  This is a subject we have talked about before but want to talk about in more detail because we believe…
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LOL-Laughing Out Loud

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. Mark Twain   We have all heard the adage that laughter is the best medicine and this past week both of us saw those words come true once again. I (Michael) spent time with a friend who for the last seven years has been going through an…
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The Secret to Happiness?

Even Children feel better when they share what they have.-Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton Last week, I (Tom) was enjoying my vacation at the beach with my wife and two children.  One of the days my two a half year old son Luke was playing in the sand when another young girl about his age…
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Busyness-The New Spirituality

As we write this message this morning, we’ve already taken a swim. It’s a massively hot day here in the northeast U.S. and temperatures are approaching 100 degrees. It’s been in the 90’s, without relenting, for the past week. We’re writing in our bare feet, with the Wimbledon semi-finals playing in the background and we…
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