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In the Arena

SEASON 2: EPISODE 18 | September 1, 2020 In the Arena with Lindsay Drew Lindsay Drew, of Hershey, Pennsylvania, has been profoundly influenced by the loss of her youngest sister. It has inspired her to step into the arena as a creator of a business, a local public servant, and a candidate for higher office.…
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Adam Lippin

Magical Connections

SEASON 2: EPISODE 19 | September 15, 2020 Magical Connections with Adam Lippin Adam Lippin believes there’s a “transcendence that comes from being truly heard, seen, and validated by another human being”.  We believe it too.  That’s why our conversation with HearMe founder Adam Lippin was one we looked forward to.  We hope you’ll learn…
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Making Others Feel Brilliant

SEASON 4: EPISODE 9 | December 14, 2021 Making Others Feel Brilliant with Vicki Halsey We reminisce with Vicki Halsey about a memorable evening we shared in her home outside San Diego, California, four years ago. That night we learned of her professional (and personal) mission as a vice president in the Ken Blanchard Companies…
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The Reunited States - Podcast

The Reunited States

SEASON 3: EPISODE 1 | November 3, 2020 The Reunited States with Ben Rehki, Susan Bro, and John Wood, Jr. On this historic Election Day, and as we begin the third season of “The Someone To Tell It To Podcast,” we explore what brings us hope in turbulent times — through a dialogue about listening to understand,…
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Oscar Trimboli

The Costs of Not Listening

SEASON 3: EPISODE 2 | November 17, 2020 The Costs of Not Listening with Oscar Trimboli Oscar Trimboli is an author, speaker, host of the Apple award-winning podcast Deep Listening. He is passionate about using the gift of listening to bring positive change in homes, workplaces and cultures around the world. One of the ways he…
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Victor Pierau

Connecting With Our Essence

SEASON 3: EPISODE 3 | December 1, 2020 Connecting With Our Essence with Victor Pierau Victor Pierau, who is from Hilversum, North Holland, the Netherlands, is fascinated by human interaction and has studied the science of listening.  He says that he, “…connects people in organizations with their essence in order to be able to achieve…
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Marc Wong

I Listen, Therefore You Are

SEASON 3: EPISODE 4 | December 15, 2020 I Listen, Therefore You Are with Marc Wong Marc Wong of Hong Kong and New York City, first learned about listening when he volunteered at a telephone crisis center more than 20 years ago.  Since then he has been passionate about the subject.  He decided a few…
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Corine Jansen

Listening Changes Us

SEASON 3: EPISODE 5 | January 5, 2021 Listening Changes Us with Corine Jansen “Listening is being able to be changed by the other person,” says Corine Jansen, of The Netherlands. What a unique and invaluable gift we are presented when we listen and are listened to by others! In listening we grow in understanding…
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Sarah Judd Welch

The Necessity of Belonging

SEASON 3: EPISODE 6 | January 19, 2021 The Necessity of Belonging with Sarah Judd Welch Sarah Judd Welch believes that “belonging is more necessary now than ever.” She points to our current culture moment – with its significant polarization, disconnection, and loneliness – in stressing the imperative to “belong.” With COVID-19, a massive shift…
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It Is What It Is

SEASON 3: EPISODE 7 | February 2, 2021 It Is What It Is with Rishita Jones Rishita Jones, of Amsterdam, Netherlands, has a belief that if we learn to accept the things we can’t ultimately control—and that means just about everything—we would be much more content and would have much more joy. She also says…
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