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The Power of His Voice

In 2017, he found himself struggling with loneliness. By the world’s standards, it seemed as if he had it all – a beloved family, a successful medical career, a best-selling book about loneliness, disconnection, and isolation. He had just completed a term as the 19th Surgeon General of the United States, a pinnacle of success…
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Our Fundamental Responsibility to One Another?

“Later that nightI held an atlas in my lapran my fingers across the whole worldand whisperedwhere does it hurt?It answeredeverywhereeverywhereeverywhere.” ~Warshan Shire  Day 1 of Someone To Tell It To’s compassionate training, offered to the general public (virtually), drew to a close. With ten minutes remaining, each of the attendees from eight U. S states and…
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We all have it at times ….  … Fear.  Of the unknown. Of change. Of a bad diagnosis. Of loss. Of death. And, there can be so much more to fear.  The world is a scary place. There is danger and risk involved with everything we do. Fear can debilitate us. Fear can paralyze us.…
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A Champion and Pioneer

On this last day of Women’s History Month we highlight a woman who was a champion and pioneer in an often-overlooked movement.  Judy Heumann spent decades reforming a political establishment indifferent to the circumstances of people living with disabilities and won one victory after another, ultimately joining the very establishment she once struggled with, died…
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To Fly

There’s an exchange in the recent Academy Award© – winning Animated Short Documentary film, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse, between the boy and the horse, that spoke directly to us the moment we heard it. It continues to linger in our minds, which is why we write today.  While, at first…
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If We aren’t Promoting Empathy, What are We Promoting?

Three weeks ago, there was an article published locally, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where Someone To Tell It To’s headquarters are located in the United States. It was about a nearby school district where some parents are suing the district over a character-building curriculum for the students, a curriculum promoting empathy and other civility attributes. One…
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To Lessen its Awful Power

He was broke and blamed himself for getting fired from his job. So, he killed five people in Orlando, Florida, on June 5, 2017. He was withdrawn and quiet, with no friends. He killed nine people and injured eight in Roseburg, Oregon, on October 1, 2015. He had PTSD from fighting in Vietnam. He killed four…
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Mary Frances Berry

Let Us Not Be Silent about the Things that Matter

SEASON 2: EPISODE 15 | July 21, 2020 Let Us Not Be Silent about the Things that Matter with Dr. Mary Frances Berry “If you model taking a position that promotes empathy, analysis, courage in confronting attacks on other people or things that harm other people, that involves moral authority.”   In this very special…
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Addressing Loneliness in a Time of Social Distancing

SEASON 2: EPISODE 16 | August 4, 2020 Addressing Loneliness in a Time of Social Distancing with Kasley Killam Kasley Killam is a social scientist by training, a strategist by practice, and a community connector at heart.  She has written: “With increasing numbers of people isolated because of quarantine and social distancing, COVID-19 is not…
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Sarah Judd Welch

The Necessity of Belonging

SEASON 3: EPISODE 6 | January 19, 2021 The Necessity of Belonging with Sarah Judd Welch Sarah Judd Welch believes that “belonging is more necessary now than ever.” She points to our current culture moment – with its significant polarization, disconnection, and loneliness – in stressing the imperative to “belong.” With COVID-19, a massive shift…
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