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What is Right with People

SEASON 5: EPISODE 12 | February 1, 2023 What is Right with People with Brianna Campbell Brianna Campbell asks the question: “What would happen if we thought about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?” Her fresh perspective about leadership is the catalyst of our conversation about organizational…
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Nothing Equals Love (Rebroadcast)

SEASON 5: EPISODE 11 | January 17, 2023 Nothing Equals Love (Rebroadcast) with Tim Shriver In the summer of 2021, we had an enlightening conversation with Timothy Shriver, who leads the Special Olympics International Board of Directors.  We are pleased to share this episode again today, as our nation just commemorated the life and legacy…
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Holding a Mirror Up to Ourselves

SEASON 5: EPISODE 10 | January 3, 2023 Holding a Mirror Up to Ourselves with Sharif El-Mekki Sharif El-Mekki is an award-winning educational leader in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our conversation with him focuses on the importance of all of us holding up a mirror to ourselves to examine our racial and social biases, biases that hold…
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Remembering Desmond Tutu and His Legacy of Listening

What sadness we felt, this day after Christmas, when we read the news about today’s passing of South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is among our leading heroes, a man of great moral character, courage, compassion, humor, and joy. His legacy as a pastor, an anti-apartheid truth-teller, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and the chair of…
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Every child is an artist

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso What would it look like if we lived without inhibitions?  Here’s one glimpse: The other night my (Tom’s) family and I were at some friends’ house for dinner and our two oldest children Lillian, 5, and…
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5 Ways To A More Positive Outlook

We live in a critical world.  It is easy to be negative and to find fault and to see all that’s wrong with the world.  And if we look for the bad we will always find it.  But is that a good way to live?    Instead, we can change our attitudes, be more positive,…
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Parrallel Tracks

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.~Adele/Daniel Dodd Wilson These words were written out of pain and brokenness.  They were written out of disappointment, rejection, heartbreak, and suffering.  Sometimes life is like that.  Sometimes it really does hurt.  Anytime there is brokenness or loss, all of us struggle to find relief and…
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