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An Olympian Feat

In the middle of this fortnight of the 2022 Winter Olympics, we’ve been reading and hearing about a distinctive shift in attitudes and reactions to and by the athletes, related to their mental and emotional health. Recent commentaries and articles attribute this shift to when Simone Biles, arguably the world’s best gymnast, dropped out of…
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The Cultures We Create

SEASON 4: EPISODE 11 | February 15, 2022 The Cultures We Create with Garry and Maria Ridge Garry Ridge is president and chief executive officer of the WD-40 Company. Maria Ridge is a philanthropist and social activist. We met both of them four years ago at a small dinner party in San Diego, California. Both…
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I Am a Dreamer

SEASON 4: EPISODE 10 | February 1, 2022 I Am a Dreamer with Amma Johnson Designer, author, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Amma Johnson’s mission is to inspire the world.  Her passion, her creative gifts, and her desire to empower others shines through in this conversation.  Her mission is to inspire the world around her.  Most…
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Lark Eshleman

Loving Children Well

SEASON 2: EPISODE 12 | June 10, 2020 Loving Children Well with Lark Eshleman Dr. Lark Eshleman loves children.  She wants them to feel safe.  She wants them to feel heard.  She wants them to feel loved.  She has spent her career caring about and loving children, helping them to be emotionally healthy, helping them…
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Victor Pierau

Connecting With Our Essence

SEASON 3: EPISODE 3 | December 1, 2020 Connecting With Our Essence with Victor Pierau Victor Pierau, who is from Hilversum, North Holland, the Netherlands, is fascinated by human interaction and has studied the science of listening.  He says that he, “…connects people in organizations with their essence in order to be able to achieve…
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Moving Outside Our Comfort Zones

SEASON 3: EPISODE 12 | April 13, 2021 Moving Outside Our Comfort Zones with Anthony Johnson Anthony Johnson has a passion for helping others. Based on his military experience, parenting two children, coaching, as well as his many life experiences, he helps others overcome their challenges by facing fears, expressing vulnerability, leaning into discomfort, and…
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Cultivate an Engaged, Inspired, Productive, and Profitable Team Culture

SEASON 3: EPISODE 13 | April 27, 2021 Cultivate an Engaged, Inspired, Productive, and Profitable Team Culture with Kelly Waltman With over twenty years of experience developing and delivering curricula, Kelly Waltman has a passion for helping individuals learn and grow. In this episode, Kelly helps us see someone else’s strength as a complement to…
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