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Behind the Camera

SEASON 5: EPISODE 5 | September 27, 2022 Behind the Camera with Davis Holliday Born into a family of editors, Davis Holliday has always been driven by a desire to find and share meaningful stories. After graduating High School, Davis spent the next year partnering with nonprofits around the world through volunteering and video production…
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Now More than Ever

It was the day of our first annual fundraising event, February 2, 2013, and we were looking to take a few hours before it to do something to calm our anxious spirits.  Our keynote speaker, and now good friend, author and journalist Tim Madigan was in town, from Texas. He had never been to Hershey,…
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An Advocate for Change

SEASON 5: EPISODE 4 | September 13, 2022 An Advocate for Change with Marisa Page Marisa Page is a citizen of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and a descendant from the Ponca and Comanche tribes. She currently works for First Nations Development Institute, and lives in New Mexico. She is an advocate for Indigenous peoples…
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DEI: What It Is and Why It Matters

SEASON 5: EPISODE 3 | August 30, 2022 DEI: What It Is and Why It Matters with Monica O. Montgomery  “Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a term used to describe policies and programs that promote the representation and participation of different groups of individuals, including people of different ages, races and ethnicities, abilities and…
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Love Above All

Our cities are indeed under rocket attacks and we periodically hear the sounds of air raid sirens. And unfortunately, I do not see the possibility of a quick settlement of this conflict. Neither side is ready to make concessions, everyone is fighting to the bitter end. Ukraine wants to return its territories and force Russia…
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Embracing Difficult Conversations

SEASON 5: EPISODE 2 | August 16, 2022 Embracing Difficult Conversations with Jen Dalton Jen Dalton is a personal brand strategist, international speaker, and author. Her most recent book – Listen: How to Embrace the Difficult Conversations Life Throws at You – shares intimate interviews and opens a window to conversations we may face in life. Our…
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A Tradition that Cemented a Friendship – and a Listening Movement

Our goal each year is to get the two big leather club chairs directly in front of the massive stone fireplace.  As we’ve written about many times before, it’s our annual tradition to spend several hours a few days before Christmas, in the Iberian Lounge, in the dimly-lit, beautifully-decorated room, at the Hotel Hershey, in…
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Don’t Be a Bystander, Be an Upstander

SEASON 5: EPISODE 1 | August 2, 2022 Don’t Be a Bystander, Be an Upstander with Rabbi Ron Symons Today marks the start of the fifth season of the Someone To Tell It To Podcast. We believe that to help the world to listen requires putting consistent, constant content about listening and its tremendous transformative…
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Our Collective Stress

Approximately six years ago Someone To Tell It To was invited into the home of a very special ‘Someone’–her name was Terri Roberts–and she was the mother of gunman Charles Carl Roberts IV who took innocent Amish hostages, shooting ten girls (aged 6–13), killing five, before taking his own life in a schoolhouse, on October…
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One of the Most Potent Forces

I have been listening to your voice quite a lot lately, through many episodes of your excellent podcast, for which I would like to congratulate you – it is interesting, well executed, and overall inspiring and brings hope. Thank you! Listening to your podcast has also been one of the factors that have strengthened in…
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