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Remembering Desmond Tutu and His Legacy of Listening

What sadness we felt, this day after Christmas, when we read the news about today’s passing of South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is among our leading heroes, a man of great moral character, courage, compassion, humor, and joy. His legacy as a pastor, an anti-apartheid truth-teller, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and the chair of…
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At The Table

The two disciples whom Jesus joined on the road to Emmaus recognized him in the breaking of the bread.   What is a more common, ordinary gesture than breaking bread?  It may be the most human of all human gestures:  a gesture of hospitality, friendship, care, and the desire to be together.  Taking a loaf of…
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Anything mentionable is manageable

“Anything mentionable is manageable.” ~Fred Rogers The tears started streaming down her face.  She said she was sorry.  I could feel her pain. “I can’t believe I did that.  I’m such a screw-up.” “What will people think of me now?” “No one will look at me the same way ever again.”   This conversation and…
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