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Why Listening is Not a “Soft Skill”

“So, you just listen?” When we heard that question several years ago from a consultant, our hearts sank. We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again. It’s frustrating every time. However, we realize that those of us striving to model great listening skills in our work, our personal lives, and our communities are facing…
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Culture Is Essential: 3 Ways Listening Improves Workplace Culture

“Corporate culture can define a business and make all the difference when it comes to retaining employees and keeping them happy. With 64% of employees feeling like they don’t have a strong work culture according to a report by TruPath, many companies are falling short in providing their staff with what they need to succeed…
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What listening can do for your business

Post by Abby Turner, Chief Listening Officer I cowered in the corner of the modern looking office of the head of the college music department. There were two walls of windows separating us from the hallway. Any other students or professors walking by could easily see that I was sobbing. “It’s your lucky day, Abby.…
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