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These Last Two Years

I feel like I am not caring for Matthew well (because I am trying to work at home) and I feel like I am not doing my job well (because of all the time Matthew’s care requires). It is exhausting and I fear I may end up in the hospital like Matthew’s Direct Service Provider,…
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Where Is The Empathy?

A March for Black Lives was planned here in Harrisburg, PA shortly after the murder of George Floyd. I so wanted to go. I wanted to “do” something. However, I was still healing from having my gall bladder removed. I could barely walk 1,000 steps. My doctors told me to sleep, heal, not lift anything,…
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On April 2, Michael’s latest essay – “Obesession” – will be  published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum.  The book’s sole focus is stories from those who are parents and caregivers for people living with autism.  We hope that this story and others in the book will give you greater insights…
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