Become a better listener through training

Improve your relationships and create a caring culture by learning how to listen well through our “At The Table” training program.

“Your presentation today was the most hopeful I’ve heard in years. I love what you’re doing!”

—Judi, Training Participant

Your community: transformed

Do you want to ignite passion? Stimulate growth? Develop servant leadership? Promote wholeness?

By getting involved in the compassionate listening movement with one of our training programs, you will see your community flourish as never before

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“Thank you for the most inspirational and motivating workshop I have EVER attended. I learned, I reflected, and I made connections – all because of you.” 
Amanda (College Ombudsperson)

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The figures quoted below are based on current hourly rates, costs of materials, and other expenses.
By listening to your unique needs, Someone To Tell It To can help you process the best solutions for your community at a cost that suits your budget.

“I’m a big fan of Someone To Tell It To and the listening skills 
they teach.”

—Ken Blanchard,

co-author of the New York Times bestseller The One Minute Manager®

Become a certified Compassionate Listener


• Six 1.5-hour virtual training sessions or one full day in-person training session
• Three practice listening sessions
• Monthly supplemental trainings
• Listening support and supervision
• Link to analysis


Training for Individuals

Become a better listener to improve your relationships in all spheres of life.

Personal Listening Training


  • Full-day, in-person training
  • At the Table training workbook
  • No post-training commitment
  • 15 to 50 participants
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Virtual Training


  • Five 1.5-hour At the Table training sessions
  • Receive training from anywhere via Zoom
  • No post-training commitment
  • 6 to 12 participants
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Practice sessions


  • 30-minute sessions
  • Practice listening skills learned in training courses
  • Opportunity to be listened to as well as become a better listener
  • 3 to 6 participants
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Training for Groups

Groups of any kind—educational, religious, corporate, and otherwise!—can greatly benefit from improved listening skills. Have a specific need for your group? Get in touch with us by using the form found at the bottom of this page.

At The Table Workshop


1 hour

Short on time or budget but want your group to learn the importance of listening? This workshop will get them thinking about listening in exciting new ways and whet their appetites for more hands-on skills.

At The Table training


4 hours

If your team is in need of learning how to listen to one another and your customers more effectively, this four-hour, interactive training will give them the skills and practice to do just that.

Team Mediation


Full day

Interpersonal hurts, misunderstandings, or personality conflicts can create a toxic environment and reduce productivity. Someone To Tell It To offers non-biased mediation to help resolve conflict and improve team dynamics.

Caring Culture Training


Two full days

Someone To Tell It To provides training for leadership in bottom-up servant leadership, creating a caring culture for maximized growth and productivity.

1-year Contract


  • At The Table training
  • Caring Culture training
  • Team mediation

Travel expenses are additional and will be calculated individually 


Everyone has a story

Equip your community with the tools they need to listen to those stories through training.

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