Our Team

Our Founders

Michael Gingerich, M.Div.

Co-Founder, Chief Encouragment Officer


Tom Kaden, M.Div.

Co-Founder, Chief Encouragment Officer


Our Team

Elizabeth Armistead

Chief Operations Officer

As I have grown up I have realized the importance of communication. One of the most essential parts of that is listening without the intent to respond. Someone To Tell It To has enabled me to share in hearing, understanding, and teaching others to do the same. It brings me great joy to be a part of this team and to use my gifts to listen and to further the mission of Someone To Tell It To.

Angela Dickinson

Chief Listening Officer

My name is Angela Dickinson and listening is my passion! Whether parenting my three kids, educating young children, training for my next karate belt, or attending yoga classes, Compassionate Listening Training through Someone To Tell It To has significantly affected the way I listen to and interact with those around me. I am hopeful that my simple actions now will continue to have a lasting and positive ripple effect throughout my community to anyone feeling lonely, lost, discouraged, or less-than. Sitting down with another person to TELL your story takes courage. Sitting down with another person to LISTEN to their story takes concentration and intention. And yet, connecting deeply through the sharing of our stories is a gift both for the sharer and for the listener. I’m so honored to be part of the Someone To Tell It To movement!

Rhonda Dyson

Graphic Designer

 “To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit: it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. To design is to transform prose into poetry,” – Paul Rand. Being able to tell the story of Someone To Tell It To through design is an honor. I’m excited to be a part of this caring team.

Kofi Odoom


Kofi is the founder and managing principal of Odoom & Associates, LLC. His astute business knowledge, honed through years of advising companies through business consulting services, including fund management, capital campaigns, and mergers and acquisitions, have propelled Kofi to be at the forefront of financial services in Pennsylvania.

He also spent over 5,000 hours tutoring EMBA/MBA students from University of Pennsylvania – Wharton, Fordham University, New York University – Stern, Rutgers University and University of Miami just to name a few.

Kofi has a unique gift of bringing various business concepts to life by relating theory to real-world.

Amber Borreli

Development Specialist

Amber is a passionate community member, writer, dreamer, and lover of people. In May of 2013, she began the consulting agency, Borreli Enterprises, to support helping agencies bridge the gap between the services they wish to provide and the funding and structure they need. Amber has a deep passion for finding a place for the voices of the voiceless. Throughout her paid career, she has a demonstrated a dedication to helping those who identify as powerless find and leverage their power through professional direct care positions as a Victim Advocate (2002-2007 & 2014-2019), Direct Support Professional (2018-Present), and Supports Broker & Housing Coordinator (2019-Present).

The work does not just occupy her hours employed, but transcends all aspects of her life. She and her husband, Rick, have teamed up to provide whatever it takes support to immigrants in their community. They refer to this as Entre Familia (translated literally as “Between Family”), although a formal non-profit was never completed. The work evolved, quite literally, as a matter to be best handled between our family (and we have grown a lot of family along the way). The Borreli’s are known for their passion for others and their very unlikely family (still living at home are Roberto 34, Yolany 19, Maddie 18, Lusvin 15, and Jacob 8).

In May of 2021, Amber became Dr. Borreli after completing the defense of her dissertation, The Impact of Race on Police Leadership at Alvernia University. She continues to provide her efforts to making space for everyone at the table. On her left arm, under her Apple watchband, you can find inscribed in her skin part of Ephesians 4:1, “Live a life worthy of the calling you have received,” and she continues to attempt to live up to the calling she received.

Elizabeth Givler

Compassionate Listener & Lead Trainer

 I have experienced the power of telling my story without fear of judgment or ridicule. I have also experienced the power of healing in listening to others. In our polarized time, listening without judgement is important for healing and moving forward in life. My desire is to create safe places for people to express their thoughts and be heard, and to listen to others, so that healing can happen and relationships can be restored. I have brought this desire in my mediation and conflict transformation practice, as well as faith-based organizations in conflict. When I stumbled upon STTIT on a podcast, I immediately reached out to the organization. I am excited to be a compassionate listener and trainer.

Isabelle A. Harman

Content Editor 

My personal mission is to alleviate suffering in all its forms as it is presented to me. My chosen method is through writing. My guiding principle is unity.

I started YellowBird Ghostwriter in 2018 after attending a business development training conference for life and career coaches. It was there that I realized my true passion – WRITING. I love the idea of helping people fulfill their dreams. My coaching skills help me tremendously as I work with clients to find out what it is they want to express in writing.
In 2020, I knew I wanted to fully embrace my vision. I established YellowBird Publishing. My purpose is to be a catalyst for aspiring authors. I will help them move through the struggles and challenges of starting and finishing a manuscript, to the triumph of publishing and holding their first book.

I also have a mission to partner with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and non-profits to create purposeful and consistent content through blogs, long-form articles, and white papers. Implementing a distribution plan will ensure their message is consistently seen by a wide audience.

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. I’m always seeking out new ways to build something meaningful that will benefit others and their community. Finally, I know what I am meant to do and my method to help others. I am a writer and a publisher.

My years of service in the Army, as a soldier and spouse, have given me experiences I wouldn’t want to change. I have met dynamic people, lived in towns from one coast of the lower 48 to the other and even spent a few years in Italy. All of this has given me insight into the strength, compassion, determination, and resilience of human beings. It is with this insight and belief in the human spirit that I approach my business – service, benevolence, respect, determination, adaptability, and partnership.

Mary Imgrund

Social Media Manager

Mary is a writer, organizer, and artist. In her diverse background, she’s worked in publishing, digital communication, community development, political organizing, and the arts; though in all she does, she strives to bring people together, uncover the truth, and challenge injustice.

An incredibly online human, Mary understands the power digital tools have to shape and create communities. When not building communication strategies or working in the digital sphere, she paints, writes creative essays, cooks vegan food, and tends to a growing, though often struggling, family of houseplants.

Kristin McAleavey

Media and Communications Manager

I’m excited to bring my experience in digital media and publishing to the mission of Someone To Tell It To. It is an organization that has touched and benefited my life and the lives of my family in countless ways. My goal is to help their message find others through power of communication and the impact of digital connections.

Adam Porter

Connections and Development Officer

Adam Porter is co-founder of st@rtup, Harrisburg PA’s first coworking space. Since 2013, along with his co-founder, Adam has grown a community of remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs steps from the Capitol. When not coworking, you’ll find Adam managing Midtown Cinema, Harrisburg’s art house cinema or serving on the board of Harrisburg Young Professionals. He also co-founded Provisions, a neighborhood grocery that served downtown Harrisburg for just over 2 years. Prior to his time at the Cinema, Adam served on the development teams of several local nonprofits including Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region and Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts.

Clark Stefanic


As a videographer and editor, I share the same mission as the selfless people at Someone To Tell It To. It is so important that we give others a means to speak, whether it be to fight hate and oppression or to simply share joy and happiness. Everyone has a story to tell, and we turn down one of the greatest gifts given to us if we don’t stop and listen to those stories with compassion and understanding.

Debra Steransky

Compassionate Listener &  Trainer

Debra Steransky is a retired teacher who lives in a somewhat rural, definitely agricultural area of north central Pennsylvania near Hughesville, PA. She retired from teaching after 34 years spent mostly in another small town, Benton. Her career as a teacher was split between elementary special education and regular 5th grade. Debra is curious and passionate about the outdoors and protecting the environment, and to better serve in that area, she has become a Pennsylvania Master Gardener and a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist. Serving in those organizations allows her to combine her passion for God’s creation and her desire to teach others about it. Because she is a long-time friend with Michael, co-founder of STTIT, she has been a supporter from the start, and took the on-line training in the fall of 2018 with the goal of becoming a better listener. God seems to have more in mind than just self-help sometimes, so Debra has recently joined STTIT as a listener and trainer. She and her husband, Mike, are the parents of one daughter who currently lives in Oregon. They also share their home with a lovable black Labrador.

Matthew Dickinson


Matt Dickinson is a choral and music educator who has spent the entirety of his career in the public school with middle school children. He has a special interest in the lives of tweeners and figuring out how to empower their voices, musically and fundamentally. For nearly as long, Matt has been working in the church as a musician and as a teacher. Multi-generational settings have been a focus for him as youth and adult have a lot to learn from interacting with people outside their peer groups. He continues to play actual baseball and is very engaged in wildlife and natural habitats. Professionally, Matt has been pursuing a better understanding of mental health issues of depression, anxiety, autism, and ADHD. He hopes to incorporate that learning into some writing that he has yet to begin.

Meghan Bachmore

Program Services Liaison

Meghan uses her background in sales to connect with others in the Harrisburg region. She values deep, authentic relationships and wants to make everyone she interacts with feel heard. Meghan’s ability to bring people together has made her an asset to businesses and her community. She is able to offer compassion and empathy, and meet people where they are regardless of any differences they may have.

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Our Board

Brian M. Duke

Board Chair

Brian M. Duke most recently completed a four-year term of service as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, serving over one million Pennsylvanians annually. Mr. Duke’s background includes administrative and leadership roles in the field of aging and healthcare. Brian participates at the national, state, and local level to foster effective strategies to support family caregivers, encourage aging well, and build effective community partnerships. Brian holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Scranton, an MHA (Health Administration) from George Washington University and an MBE (Bioethics) from the University of Pennsylvania, and is an Associate Fellow of the Institute on Aging of the University of Pennsylvania. He lives in Washington Crossing, PA.

Conor Donnan

Board Vice-Chair

Conor Joseph Donnan is a doctoral candidate in the History Department at the University of Pennsylvania. He received his B.A. in History from Ulster University in Ireland. Afterward, Conor moved to the United States where he obtained a Master’s degree in Historical Studies from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). At Penn, Conor has been a graduate associate at the Perry World House, a fellow at the Collegium Institute for Catholic Thought & Culture, and a contributor to the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia. Having grown up in Belfast, Conor has always had a strong commitment to public engagement and conflict resolution. Before attending Penn, Conor was a conflict resolution volunteer at Corrymeela and a community volunteer at Quaker Cottage. He worked tirelessly to promote pathways to peace in Northern Ireland and received a UN Peace Day Community Medal from the Mayor of Belfast in 2013. He has brought his dedication to community engagement and non-profits to his profession as a historian by working as a board member of the Irish Railroad Workers Museum in Baltimore, developing a historical video game, and appearing on podcasts for the U.S. National Parks Service and LifeFM radio.

Sharice Johnson

Board Secretary

Sharice is currently employed as coordinator of youth development programs, mentor and coach at the Milton Hershey School. Her work entails developing special programs centered on building character and leadership skills for hundreds of high school students. She has fifteen years of experience in facilitation, leadership, and advocacy for community programs. Sharice is passionate about empowering others through her many speaking opportunities across Central PA. She holds a B.S. in Social Work from Delaware State University, and is currently finishing her M.S. in Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University. Sharice and her husband, Kellen, are welcoming their first child and live in Harrisburg, PA.

Steve Gift

Board Finance Chair

Stephen Gift, CPA, CFP, PFS established Gift CPAS, (formerly Gift & Associates) in 1984 with a vision of becoming a trusted advisor to small and medium-sized businesses in central Pennsylvania. As Managing Partner, Steve has used his experience and expertise to support business owners as they make key operational decisions, strategically plan for the future and navigate an ever-changing marketplace. Today, Steve focuses primarily on coaching businesses through high-level strategic decisions, including succession planning, business expansion, and audit issues. In addition to Someone To Tell It To, Steve has served as Treasurer and Board Member for Tri County Easter Seals, West Shore Country Club, and the Professional Association of Small Business Accountants.  Steve graduated from Shippensburg University and joined the Someone To Tell It To Board of Directors in 2019.

Sharon Sidorov

Board Recording Secretary

Being a volunteer, supporter and Board Member at the inception of Someone To Tell It To was such an honor. It has been a joy to watch the organization take shape and grow to reach out to the many people world-wide who have responded to the need for compassionate listening. I know first hand how healing and comforting it is to have a non-judgemental, caring place to tell my story. I’ve been able to use what I’ve seen and learned as a co-founder of Wonders Found, an all-volunteer thrift shop where all proceeds are given to missions and ministries. I am privileged to share my abilities to continue to support this important mission.

Joshua Bonn

Joshua D. Bonn, Esq., is a partner at the Harrisburg law firm Nauman, Smith, Shissler & Hall, LLP. Josh concentrates his practice in civil litigation, public records, and municipal law. His interest in Someone to Tell It To stems from his personal and professional experiences. As the father of a child with a rare form of pediatric cancer, he sees the importance of communication between families and health care professionals. In addition, he previously conducted child-abuse investigations while working as an Assistant District Attorney in York, Pennsylvania. He learned that all people, no matter age or circumstance, need a venue to express their concerns. Josh resides with his wife and three children in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Carlisle United Methodist Church. He is a graduate of the 2017 class of Leadership Harrisburg Area’s Community Leadership Series. He attends charitable events for the Four Diamonds Fund, THON, and the Ronald McDonald House. He is a big fan of the Penn State wrestling and football teams.

Beth Peiffer

Beth owns and operates the family business she grew up in, Ralph E. Jones, Inc. (REJ), currently celebrating 95 years of “work that speaks for itself” as a painting, wall covering and special coatings contractor serving the Mid-Atlantic region in the institutional, commercial, and industrial market segments. Her love for the community and conviction for giving back to those less fortunate is evidenced by community service efforts with many local organizations. Most recently: Harrisburg Area YMCA (immediate past Board Chair), Humane Society Harrisburg Area (President), Four Diamonds Fund (Advisory Board Member), YWCA Greater Harrisburg (Association Board Member), and CREDC Board. Beth is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, and has an MBA from Lebanon Valley College. Beth embraces an “attitude of gratitude,” enjoys each moment, and lives each day to its fullest.

Barbara Wadsworth

Barbara Wadsworth serves as the Senior Vice President of Patient Services and the Chief Nursing Officer of Main Line Health. She shared, “Nurses have the unique privilege to care for patients and families at the most important, challenging, and exciting times of their life. The most important part of this work is being authentically present, listening, and creating an experience for the patient and family. ‘Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care,’ a famous quote from Theodore Roosevelt, really captures the work of caregivers. Healthcare is complex and caring for patients is challenging and at times is difficult for the staff. Caring for the caregiver is as important as caring for patients. Building resilience, psychological safety, and supporting the caregivers in a meaningful way includes listening, supporting them, and providing resources. Someone To Tell It To provides a resource like no other for patients, families, staff, physicians, and leaders through authentic listening, presence, and genuine caring that has proved to be tremendously valuable and appreciated by my staff.”

Randy Weaver

Randy is a skillful senior sales executive with exhibited success in building strategic long-term relationships with a habit of exceeding established quotas. Rich experience in the financial services industry, business-to-business market and also the business-to-government market. Adept at building and deploying strategies into financial institutions, businesses and governments to include: consumer and commercial credit risk, fraud and ID theft, marketing, analytics, mortgage and compliances. As a Relationship Manager at Members 1st FCU, Randy develops business for the credit union’s products and services to members and prospects through a consultative sales culture. His position is a pivotal point-of-contact and ensures member awareness of available financial products and services by recognizing needs and assisting in the delivery of a full range of products and services. Additionally, Randy provides team input in the areas of Deposit Services, Lending, Brokerage and Investments.

Janet Olkowski

Janet Olkowski, SCRP, SGMS-T is Vice President, Global Business Development at Cornerstone Relocation Group. As such, she is responsible for securing new business for the organization. With a rich background in global mobility consulting and client account management, Janet possesses a passion for interacting with and assisting clients. Her 35 years of industry experience includes strong proficiency in consulting services, where she advises corporations on industry best practices for relocating employees worldwide. She has led research teams conducting industry benchmark studies, spoken at prestigious industry events, and authored numerous published articles and white papers. Janet earned Worldwide ERC’s Senior Certified Relocation Professional (SCRP) and Senior Global Mobility Specialist-Talent Management (SGMS-T) designations and has won multiple industry awards. She has served on The Americas Strategic Council for Worldwide ERC, the association for the global mobility industry, and is President of the Delaware Valley Relocation Council.
Janet resides in Media, PA with her husband and has two adult daughters and a grandson. She also enjoys spending time with extended family and friends and her 6-year old chocolate lab.

Lisa Homa

Lisa Homa earned her ADN from St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing, a BSN from Pennsylvania State University, and MSN-Ed from Western Governors University and a PhD from Walden University. As a surgical trauma nurse, she won a prestigious award, Excellence in Caring Practices, for providing ethically challenging care to complex surgical patients. For the past twenty-five years, she remains clinical active in Neuroscience Integrated Critical Care working with patients and families impacted by primary brain tumor illness. At the conclusion of Lisa’s post-doctoral fellowship her research interests shifted towards improving the delivery of nursing education in a virtual platform. Currently, she is a Founding Director of Nursing at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA where she strives to cultivate a dynamic, enthusiastic, and nurturing student-centered environment. 

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson is a proud Native of Buffalo, New York, He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from West Virginia University. His minor in Entrepreneurship and Leadership Studies make him a strong advocate for personal growth and leadership development. His eighteen plus years of military service has provided him the opportunity to train and mentor hundreds of our military service members. As the current owner of Continuous Journey LLC, Anthony strives to change lives as a Life Coach and Leadership Consultant. He is excited about the current rebranding of his coaching business; he created a coaching program for co-parenting fathers to transform their lives and create powerful connections with their children.

Our Advisors

Ray Chung

Ray serves as Chief Culture Office at LINKBANK in Camp Hill, PA. Throughout his career, Ray has worn many hats: benefits specialist, compensation professional, trainer, marketer, and HR strategist. Prior to joining LINKBANK, Ray worked for HOPE International, as a human resource consultant for Willis Towers Watson in Asia, and had a variety of roles at TE Connectivity. His other involvement includes serving on the Messiah College alumni council, Christian Leadership Alliance advisory board, and as board member for Rider Musser Development. Ray and his wife, Heather, have three children, Micah, Delia, and Eden. They live in Dillsburg, PA, and are members of The Meeting House Church.

Cecilia Locati

Cecilia has over 10 years of experience in risk management, internal controls, and compliance. After her business degree at Bocconi University, she held a number of senior risk management roles in multinational companies and, in 2015, she founded Fraud Fence, a consultancy company specialized in internal fraud prevention. More recently she founded Internal Control Toolbox, a company providing risk management services and products. She is an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). Born Italian, Cecilia considers herself a citizen of the world. In the last 10 years, she lived in London (UK), in the USA and worked all around the world (from Singapore to Russia, from Dubai to Brazil). She is now based in Vienna, Austria and she loves to explore the world with her two children and her husband, Carlo.

Saeed Otufat-Shamsi

Saeed has over 20 years experience in establishing and growing businesses with roles that span from international business development, operation, finance, and technology. Saeed is founder and CEO of Xpansion Leasing with the mission to provide financing for all aspects of building mechanical equipment, whether it is multi-residential, commercial, or institutional. He also founded NovoTech Software, which is specialized in providing analytical software for GeoTechnical Engineers. He is passionate about providing helping hands to less fortunate people and has been a board member and director of project funding for World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) since 2013. He resides in North Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

Jacqueline Pace Rucker

Born and brought up in the midwest, Jacqueline’s desire was to become a missionary. She attended Valparaiso University and Indiana University Northwest. After completion of an MALS with a concentration in English from Valparaiso University, she continued working in human services (writing on the side!) for the next 40 years. Along the way she obtained a JD degree from Widener University School of Law (now Commonwealth Law). She retired from Christian Churches United as the Executive Director in 2015 and now spends time helping at the garden at Fort Hunter, sewing, knitting and reading. Jacqueline currently serves on the board of Tri County Community Action and is an active member of her church, Messiah Lutheran.