One of the Most Potent Forces

One of the Most Potent Forces

I have been listening to your voice quite a lot lately, through many episodes of your excellent podcast, for which I would like to congratulate you – it is interesting, well executed, and overall inspiring and brings hope. Thank you!

Listening to your podcast has also been one of the factors that have strengthened in me the will to start something like STTIT in Israel. I am now considering how to take that from “thought” to “action”, and wanted to ask if I can consult with you about that?

Encouraging and affirming emails such as this absolutely warm our hearts and remind us that our hard work is reaching the ears, hearts, and minds of people all around the world.  What a privilege it is to know that our podcast conversations are having such an impact so far from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where they are recorded.   

As we prepare to start the fifth season of the Someone To Tell It To Podcast on Tuesday, August 2, 2022 we are reflecting on WHY we are leading a podcast series and what is the point of the podcast, anyway.

We believe that to help the world to listen requires putting consistent, constant content about listening and its tremendous transformative power out into the world.  Inviting guests locally, nationally, and globally to join in conversations with us about the vital roles that listening plays in our everyday lives can help to inspire, educate, and change all of our lives in positive ways.  

An epidemic of loneliness and disconnection only continues to increase all around us.  The impact from the fear, isolation, grief, loss, and pain that the COVID pandemic has brought to lives everywhere, has only exacerbated the decline of so many people’s emotional, relational, spiritual, and mental health.  It has become an acute crisis across the globe.   

Someone To Tell It To is committed and dedicated to helping the world be educated about why good and intentional listening is so important to healing, maintaining, and strengthening our emotional, relational, spiritual, and mental health.  Our conversations with others who also do work around listening helps us all to learn and to see the vast array of people and places around the world where listening is making an impact and has transformative power.  

Connecting with others who study listening, facilitate listening, teach listening, and do professional listening, widens our horizons, connects us and our listeners and viewers with the larger world.  It introduces us to those who are making a difference in bringing people together to listen more intentionally and non-judgmentally.  It puts in touch with those who provide safe spaces for others to share their stories, to unburden themselves of their struggles, which enables them to begin to find deeper pockets of peace within their spirits and lives.  

The podcast helps us to be leaders in growing the movement that listening is bringing to a world hungry for better relationships, deeper connections, and far less loneliness.  

We wish our friend in Israel only the very best as he strives to begin a listening movement there.  To be a catalyst for that kind of transformative growth only inspires us all the more to invite more and more conversations about listening’s power and impact on a weary, fractured world.  

If we can inspire and bring hope, then we have done our job.  

“We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening, of this very special kind, is one of the most potent forces for change that I know.”

– American psychologist Carl Rogers

We hope you’ll tune into the Someone To Tell It To Podcast next Tuesday, August 2, when our very special guest talks about the impact of hatred and violence on his community and how listening is helping it to heal. 

Photo by Adrian Regeci on Unsplash


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