“I am a therapist and sometimes find myself working with people who are really just lonely and either aren’t good at creating relationships or are too scared or insecure to do so…I have one patient who told me that she benefits from having you just come out and listen to her. I have another that I just discharged and could sorely use someone to listen to her, which is all she used me for…I think it was helpful for her to be listened to but it’s not therapy and not what insurance pays for.”

— Clinical Psychiatric Specialist

Listening for Individuals

The Someone To Tell It To model of compassionate listening is inviting and non-threatening. We believe in taking the time to build trust, asking good and incisive questions, and offering authentic, non-judgmental care.

Our services are donation-based. We do not turn people away based on their ability to pay for care.

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Listening for Organizations

Is your church, school, or business going through a transition? Does your team need assistance in processing a significant event? Are you looking to build stronger bonds between staff members? We would love to come alongside you and listen with compassion.

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If you are in need of immediate assistance or feel you may be in danger of any kind, please dial 911 or reach out to any of the crisis hotlines listed at the bottom of this page.

Listening Testimonials

“My mother, father, and husband had all been diagnosed with cancer within a month of each other. I was racing among three hospitals, three chemo plans, three nightmares. I felt like God had forgotten me for sure… Miracle was, you were there, and it was truly a miracle! I imagine you are connecting to hearts and souls all over the globe, healing suffering with your compassion.” 


“It wasn’t about solving a problem or feeling better; our conversations, emails, and gatherings were about sharing our lives together, not just my own. It wasn’t someone analyzing me. It was someone willing to get into the trenches with me, ask me tough questions, and listen without judgement. They continue to be there for me now. It’s the commitment they make to always be there that helps encourage me to press on.”


“Thanks for your time yesterday. I appreciated the conversation—especially to find that there is someone out there in my position. I didn’t feel so alone. I’m trying to let my situation rest gently on my shoulders for the time being. Your ability to do the same helped my disposition.”


Fun Fact: We always listen in pairs.


Is there something you’d like to talk about?

Sometimes that first connection is the hardest to make, but it can often be the most important. We would love to listen to your story. Please know that we are a small team, so our response time will be as quick as we can manage during regular working hours. In the meantime, feel free to tell us a little bit more about why you are reaching out.

    First available team/No preferenceFemale listening teamMale listening team

    I would like to schedule a session on ZoomI would like to continue communicating through emailI would like to receive a conference callI would like to meet in person either at a coffee shop or a place to walk (Harrisburg area only at this time)

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