I Did What I Had to Do

I Did What I Had to Do

Krista Jakubik
SEASON 2: EPISODE 10 | April 22, 2020

I Did What I Had to Do

with Krista Jakubik

Today’s podcast features a very special friend of ours – Krista Jakubik.  We’ve listened to and supported Krista for more than six years, through the aftermath of pancreatic cancer, and encouraged her as she sought to meet several important “bucket list” goals.  Her story has great power.  We hope you’ll be inspired by it.  We also hope you’ll be moved by the surprise that comes at the end of her interview.  It’s a first for the Someone To Tell It To Podcast! 

Disclaimer: There is a bit of noise coming through as Krista speaks throughout the interview. Please forgive us as we strive to continue to provide the best content for you that we can!

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