Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

On January 4th my father was born to another world. He was taken to heaven. Deep sadness and emotional distress penetrated my heart. I experienced an unbearable pain in my soul… I wished I was only 2 years old when he died. At least, I would not have known the beauty of life or the bitterness of death… Please pray for his soul, peace and rest.

Sent via email from a mid-Eastern country, his eloquent words touched our hearts. We corresponded with him over a number of months, inviting him to share the grief he was feeling. Then, this message appeared:

… my little daughter passed away last Thursday. Deep sadness penetrated my heart and I am experiencing an unbearable pain in my soul now. Please help me embrace pain and burn it as fuel for the long journey of my healing… my sadness will no doubt fly on the wings of time. Thanks for your kindness. I am trying to fill my empty heart with gratitude for those who are still in my life.

It broke our hearts. We expressed our profound sorrow for him and his family. Another loss. He wrote us:
Would you be willing to talk with me on the phone?

This is the mission of Someone To Tell It To, a mission you, through your gifts, have enabled to grow in outreach not just in the United States, but also around the world.

Giving Tuesday is November 28. A day in which we are challenged to give in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holiday season to help non-profits such as Someone To Tell It To continue to grow and to thrive, to serve people living with grief, with heartbreak, and with loneliness.

We invite you to donate on Giving Tuesday or anytime during the holiday season to enable compassion to expand and deepen in other’s lives.

For every $150.00 gift, you will receive a copy of our new book Someone To Tell It To: Moved with Compassion as well as Hidden Miracles, a memoir by our newest team member author and marriage and family counselor Abby Turner (

We did talk with him over the phone. He thanked us for calling, for being supportive of him. We told him how very sorry we were for his little daughter’s passing. He began to sob and couldn’t talk. The phone call ended abruptly. His grief was too acute for him to continue. We sat silently for a few moments, reflecting on the emotion of the call… The intensity of his plaintive grief and his many messages to us evoked feelings that we will never soon forget.

Thank you for helping those who are broken to not be forgotten. Your caring gifts truly make a difference. They touch lives with grace, with healing, and with love.
Michael Gingerich & Tom Kaden


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