Everyone is “Someone”

Everyone is “Someone”

Someone To Tell It To

We’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to call the people we listen to. Are they clients? Friends? Storytellers?

Nothing quite fit. We wanted a name that represented the type of relationship we try to build and the way we value those we listen to, but we struggled to find a single word that could accomplish exactly what we needed.

In the end, we were surprised to find the answer staring right at us.


Someone with a story to share. Someone who needs a friend. Someone who is grieving, angry, lonely, afraid, or has questions about matters of faith.

Someone who simply needs Someone to listen.

This is our special sauce; it’s our identifying quality. Because everyone is the “Someone” in Someone To Tell It To. It’s not just us. We’ve never been about one-way relationships; we always hope to establish a mutual relationship between friends who are sharing life’s journey together.

That means that you are Someone. You have a story worth sharing. You have inherent worth. You deserve to be seen, heard, and known.

It also means that we are Someone. We have stories of our own. We value showing up and listening with compassion. We want everyone to know the joy of engaging in meaningful relationships.

You’ll see us using this refreshed terminology from now on, and when you see it, we hope it makes you smile. Think of it as an encouraging reminder that to us, you are Someone.


For all of the Someones who can’t afford a listening ear, would you consider donating to support them? 


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