Craving Connection

Craving Connection

SEASON 4: EPISODE 6 | November 3, 2021

Craving Connection

with Jed and Sophia Lazar

We play a game in this very special episode – during our conversation with Jed and Sophia Lazar, curators of the game COZY JUICY REAL. It was a lot of fun, but also serious and intimate, deep and vulnerable. That’s the point of the game – to create the context for conversations that go well beyond the superficial and shallow, helping one another to grow quickly to know one another better and to form bonds that touch the heart and enliven the spirit. That happened with us and Sophia and Jed. They’re delightful people who understand how to bring people together in this fractured, unsettled world. We know you’ll treasure them, too.


Learn more about Jed and Sophia and their game here


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