Commemorating Someone To Tell It To’s Anniversary

Commemorating Someone To Tell It To’s Anniversary

Someone To Tell It To’s founding was five years ago, in January 2012.   We are humbled and proud to celebrate this important anniversary at the start of 2017.


Throughout these past five years, our mission of “Creating a caring culture that accompanies others on journeys toward deeper connections” has been fulfilled in the region around our headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, across the United States and in up to 10 countries around the world.


Over these five years we have:

  • Used not only face-to-face connections, but also social media and technology to engage in over 5,000 compassionate listening interactions and walked alongside those living in loneliness, grief, pain, alienation and brokenness to help them discover healing and hope to their lives.
  • Wrote and published one book – Someone To Tell It To: Sharing Life’s Journey – and wrote a second book – Someone To Tell It To: Moved with Compassion – that is awaiting publication.
  • Spoke at scores of churches, civic organizations and community groups.
  • Mentored and trained several other non-profit staff on compassionate listening and presence practices for those they serve.
  • Had dozens of radio, TV, newspaper, podcast and online interviews to share the message of our mission and ministry.
  • Identified more than a dozen potential new compassionate listeners and other administrative partners who are poised to join Someone To Tell It To and expand its scope in the years ahead.
  • Entered into contracts to provide ongoing support to chaplains and Palliative care leaders in the Main Line Health hospital system, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and to support pastors who provide innovative orphan care in Africa, through Forgotten Voices, headquartered in Dillsburg, PA, via Skype and other technologies.
  • Brought four noted authors to central Pennsylvania – Tim Madigan, Tony Campolo, William Paul Young and Adam McHugh – to share their visions of what intentional listening and fostering deeper connecting can do to enhance human emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.


We are humbled to have this sacred opportunity to enter into others’ lives in such a significant and profound way. What it feels like to be invited into the very depths of another’s story – whether it be a story of pain and heartache or a story of wonder and joy – is beyond our ability to describe. But to know that by entering in we can make a healing difference, is an immense privilege.


We thank everyone who has supported Someone To Tell It To during these first five years. Whether it was through your gifts, your affirmation or your prayers, we are utterly grateful for this opportunity to be sustained and to begin to grow into a worldwide movement of compassion and grace.

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