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Ask A Question

We are asked so often,  How can I be a better listener? It’s a common question we get when speaking to groups about our listening and listening training work. Most people want to know how they can be better. That’s good. But they just don’t know how to start. In answering, we say that it…
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Create Space

When we answered her email asking if we would hear her story, we listed all the ways we could listen – in person, over the phone, via Zoom, through Facebook private messaging, WhatsApp, and texting. Her reply was this: I’ve decided that initially I would like to just communicate via email. I’m not sure if…
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It Starts with What We Believe

We reflect on two of the United States’ most iconic and treasured values statements during our national pause for Veterans Day – the commemoration and honoring of those who have served and sacrificed: From the Declaration of Independence –  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all (people) are created equal, that they are…
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One of the Things Every Leader Fears Most and How to Overcome It?

In a world of hyperconnectivity, when almost any seeming “rando” can post whatever they’d like, when they’d like, how’d they like, all while remaining relatively anonymous, what is the one thing every leader fears the most and how do we overcome it?  Two weeks ago, our leadership team was scrolling through survey results of a…
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Now More than Ever

It was the day of our first annual fundraising event, February 2, 2013, and we were looking to take a few hours before it to do something to calm our anxious spirits.  Our keynote speaker, and now good friend, author and journalist Tim Madigan was in town, from Texas. He had never been to Hershey,…
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Love Above All

Our cities are indeed under rocket attacks and we periodically hear the sounds of air raid sirens. And unfortunately, I do not see the possibility of a quick settlement of this conflict. Neither side is ready to make concessions, everyone is fighting to the bitter end. Ukraine wants to return its territories and force Russia…
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A Tradition that Cemented a Friendship – and a Listening Movement

Our goal each year is to get the two big leather club chairs directly in front of the massive stone fireplace.  As we’ve written about many times before, it’s our annual tradition to spend several hours a few days before Christmas, in the Iberian Lounge, in the dimly-lit, beautifully-decorated room, at the Hotel Hershey, in…
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Our Collective Stress

Approximately six years ago Someone To Tell It To was invited into the home of a very special ‘Someone’–her name was Terri Roberts–and she was the mother of gunman Charles Carl Roberts IV who took innocent Amish hostages, shooting ten girls (aged 6–13), killing five, before taking his own life in a schoolhouse, on October…
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One of the Most Potent Forces

I have been listening to your voice quite a lot lately, through many episodes of your excellent podcast, for which I would like to congratulate you – it is interesting, well executed, and overall inspiring and brings hope. Thank you! Listening to your podcast has also been one of the factors that have strengthened in…
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Dinner was over.  The lights of the Vancouver, British Columbia, harbor twinkled outside the ballroom’s large windows.  The evening’s emcee gracefully called everyone away from their conversations around the tables as the awards ceremony was about to begin.  The highpoint of the International Listening Association’s annual convention, at Simon Fraser University, the ceremony was the…
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