Michael and Matthew

Everyone Needs Someone To Tell It To: Michael’s Story

She wanted to know about grief. Did I feel grief about my son? About his limitations? About the things he wouldn’t do, who he would never be? About the limitations his care places on Kathy and me and his brothers? It was late into our 90-minute conversation when she asked me about grief. There was…
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Someone To Tell It To

Everyone Needs Someone To Tell It To: Tom’s Story

I donated blood the other day. It’s something I try to do every six weeks or so. The need for blood continues to be so great and it is one small, tangible way I can give back to others — when so much of our mission is intangible in nature. Two different technicians facilitated the…
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Jamia Wilson


It’s what Jamia Wilson, the keynote speaker at our 2020 Annual Gathering and newly-appointed Editor and Senior Vice President at Random House, wishes for the world to have as we face the many challenges of this present age: A global pandemic, a widespread economic slowdown, racial tensions and reckonings, and the aftermath of a very…
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Michael and Tom - Grief during COVID

In The Midst of Life

We hadn’t seen each other in over five months, since COVID-19 required us to distance physically. It was by the far the longest stretch we have gone in our time as the deepest of friends and colleagues. We’ve written extensively about our friendship together and the intimacy, authenticity, and vulnerability we have always personified. Our…
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Heroes of Common Humanity

A Common Humanity

“The most basic human desire is to feel like you belong. Fitting in is important.” — Simon Sinek We all want to belong. We all need to know that we are valued. We all need relationships that show us that we are loved and that our life has meaning to others. Yet … loneliness and…
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Together, over the last few weeks, we have been reading the new bestselling book Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World, by Vivek Murthy, MD. We love it. His stories, bolstered with statistics and research and told through the lens of his experiences as a medical professional, have captured our…
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I caught a glimpse

I Caught a Glimpse

Guest post by Deb Steransky Muncy, Pennsylvania Someone To Tell It To Compassionate Listener and Trainer My family and I have been camping during the hottest — and usually stormiest — part of the summer in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the last 15 or so years. We go the week leading up to the anniversary of…
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Man prays for George Floyd

How Sweet the Sound

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me… Andrea Jenkins, Vice Chair of the Minneapolis, Minnesota, City Council, began her remarks singing those words today in a press conference as she addressed the racial tensions and violence that were fomented by the death of George Floyd, an African American man, on…
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Holocaust Diary of Philip Mechanicus

The Lost Diaries of War

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 1944 A transport of a thousand people left for Auschwitz in a howling storm and pouring rain. In animal wagons, yet again. The majority was from the S barracks: 590 people. The rest, young men of the Aliyah, old men from the hospital and 31 young, nameless children from the orphanage whose…
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What is Joy

So, What is Joy?

Lately, we’ve been re-reading a favorite book of ours: The Book of Joy. A perfect book for this imperfect time, it accounts the week — which took place five years ago this month — during which His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu spent time together talking about the concept of joy. We’ve…
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