Being Heard is So Close to Being Loved

Being Heard is So Close to Being Loved

SEASON 4: EPISODE 7 | November 17, 2021

Being Heard is So Close to Being Loved

with Benjamin Mathes

In a rebroadcast of a January 2019 episode with our dear friend Benjamin Mathes, founder of Los Angeles-based Urban Confessional, we have a conversation about how profound and innate to our human need is the act of intentional listening and presence with one another.

We reshare this episode because Benjamin will be our special guest on December 2, at 7:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time, when he will join with us and the creators of the virtual game Cozy Juicy Real, which fosters deeper dialogue and conversations between those who play it. Benjamin will talk about his creation of Urban Confessional and relate it to STTIT’s mission – both of which create more meaningful connections between human beings.

We know you’ll find this conversation to be an engaging one, even if you’ve heard it before. So, enjoy it as you listen, and be transported to a safe and warm listening space.


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