Our Team

Our Founders

Michael Gingerich, M.Div.

Co-Founder, Chief Encouragement Officer


Tom Kaden, M.Div.

Co-Founder, Chief Encouragement Officer


Our Senior Staff

Abby Turner

Chief Listening Officer

“Working with Someone To Tell It To allows me to be a part of a movement of compassion and deep connection which rivals the hatred, violence, segregation, and loneliness that are so prevalent in our society. Becoming a better listener impacts every aspect of life; it builds better teams, communities, and families; it makes Someone on the margins feel empowered to be the best they can be; it crosses divides of race, creed, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and so much more.”

In her role as Chief Listening Officer, Abby runs all of our training programs.

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Our Team

Kyle Helder

Interactive Designer

“I enjoy working with Someone To Tell It To because they build relationships through listening, and through that mission impact the lives of those who don’t have the gift of someone to tell it to. The Bible says to be slow to speak and quick to listen (James 1:9). What simple, yet profound words in an age when everyone feels compelled to share their opinion. Practicing listening over talking allows others to take the center stage and share their story, which is a gift most people long for.”

Justine Kompare


“I’m honored to be part of an inspiring team of people dedicated to listening regardless of where you’re from, what you look like, and without judgement of what you have to say. I’ve always believed we are put through battles in life for a reason, not only to learn and grow but to teach and connect with others as well. So often we keep the stories that shape us to ourselves, but that’s the amazing thing about this organization. There is finally Someone To Tell It To.”

Kastin Krupinski

Freelance Graphic Designer

“One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Being listened to is so close to being loved that many people can not tell the difference’ by David Oxberg. I truly believe listening is loving and it’s one of the kindest things we can do for one another. Someone To Tell It To values people and emphasizes the relational need we have in a society that seems to be more disengaged than ever. Our culture encourages busyness and fosters an increased interest in social media ‘connections,’ among other things, which give a false illusion of relationship and ultimately propel people deeper into isolation. Someone To Tell It To takes a bold stand against this cultural epidemic of loneliness through the simple act of listening with compassion.”

Hillary Marotta

Grant Writer

“I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of Someone To Tell It To because listening is one of the most important things in my life, both as a listener and as someone who needs to be listened to. To me, there is no greater loving act than listening. We all, as humans, have the need to be heard, and fulfilling that need is God at work.”

Krissy Marshall


“I first became connected to Someone To Tell It To through a community meeting . We started meeting on a regular basis to share ideas and provide support to one another in our work. In our world of technology, it is a rare thing to sit with someone and truly be heard. I’m excited to be part of this dynamic and caring team that works hard each day to change our world for the better!”

Christine McCoy


“Someone To Tell It To has inspired me to be a better listener, both at home and in my job. Sometimes we get too caught up in the words to feel what is not being said, so listening allows us to FEEL the emotions and better understand the needs of others. Listening is an important part of our every day lives; without it, we would not hear what people are really trying to say.”

Miriam Thurber

Social Media Intern

“Listening is the crux of healthy relationships and constructive growth. To have an organization dedicated to both providing listening services and training others towards compassionate listening is incredible. To be a part of that vision is even better.”

Beka Watts

Freelance Writer

“I grew up hearing the adage, ‘God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.’ It’s a simple saying, but I think there’s a lot of truth to it. Listening often proves to be (at least) twice as important as speaking. Someone To Tell It To demonstrates this truth beautifully by fostering meaningful relationships in which people are truly heard, seen, known, and loved.”

Our Board

Mark Schory

Board Chair

Mark is currently serving as Director of Children and Family Ministries at Carlisle United Methodist Church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He is also the Founder and Principal Consultant for mschoryconsulting llc where he actively serves as a property valuation and business consultant for several large multi-national industrial companies. Mark has a strong background in both business and church strategic planning and has worked in over 30 states and Canada. He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky, and work credited towards a M.S. in Church Development from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Winebrenner Theological Seminary, both in Massachusetts. Mark is married to his wonderful wife Debra and they have a son living in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Mark and Deb live in Carlisle, PA.

Brian M. Duke

Board Vice-chair

Brian M. Duke most recently completed a four-year term of service as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, serving over one million Pennsylvanians annually. Mr. Duke’s background includes administrative and leadership roles in the field of aging and healthcare. Brian participates at the national, state, and local level to foster effective strategies to support family caregivers, encourage aging well, and build effective community partnerships. Brian holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Scranton, an MHA (Health Administration) from George Washington University and an MBE (Bioethics) from the University of Pennsylvania, and is an Associate Fellow of the Institute on Aging of the University of Pennsylvania. He lives in Washington Crossing, PA.

Bob Haigh

Board Treasurer

Bob Haigh spent many years working in Pennsylvania human services including serving as Chief of Staff to two DPW secretaries, acting head of the state mental health program for nearly three years, and Foundation Liaison for two governors. Before leaving state service he generated over $65 million in foundation support for service innovation, including a nationally recognized prenatal program for high-risk, low-income women. He was the founding executive at a Lancaster health foundation and directed the early years of Pre K Counts. His passion continues to be linking Funders with innovative programs. He lives in Harrisburg with a conservative cat.

Justin Stimpson

Board Secretary

Justin Stimpson is a passionate social-impact entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Director of fathering.me, a non-profit organization that encourages, empowers, and equips the young fathers of unplanned pregnancies to become the best dads they can be. He grew up in rural/coastal Maine (which he misses very much), where he developed a deep love for the mountains and the ocean. He spent five years with the United States Coast Guard as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer before deciding to attend Messiah College, in Grantham, Pennsylvania, to study Business Entrepreneurship and Christian Ministries. When he’s not working, Justin loves spending time with his wife, their two Australian Cattle Dogs, and their friends. Justin and his wife, Celeste, are in the adoption process and can’t wait to meet their future child from Haiti! Justin and Celeste live in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Linda Billmyer

Linda is a retired registered nurse. She graduated from Harrisburg Polyclinic School of Nursing and studied at Susquehanna University and Kaplan Institute. Linda is active in Grace United Methodist Church, Hummelstown, PA, where she is serving as a Trustee, on the medical response team and the visitation committee. She was a youth advisor for five years. Linda lives in Hummelstown, PA. She is the mother of three daughters and has two granddaughters.

Terri Bowling

Terri currently works as a child grief specialist as part of the clinical team and manages the role of outreach and education coordinator at the Highmark Caring Place, a center for grieving children and their families, in Lemoyne, PA. Terri’s varied business background in sales and marketing gives her the opportunity to marry her experience with her passion of finding unique ways to reach those in need. She holds a M.S. in clinical psychology from Millersville University and a B.S. in psychology from the Pennsylvania State University, is certified in thanatology (CT) through the Association for Death Education and Counseling, and most recently obtained a Level-1 trauma and loss clinical specialist certification through The National Center for Trauma and Loss in Children.

Rosemary Browne

Rosemary Browne has more than 30 years of experience in the nonprofit and government sectors, working to improve quality of life for residents of South Central Pennsylvania. Since 2014, she has proudly served as President & CEO of Alder Health Services, whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of persons living with HIV/AIDS and members of the LGBTQ+ community in a culturally competent, affirming, and empowering environment. Rosemary serves on a number of nonprofit boards and advisory committees, including Goodwill Keystone Area Foundation, The Foundation for Enhancing Communities’ Women’s Fund, the Ida Browning Trust, and the YWCA of Greater Harrisburg. She was recently appointed by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to the first-in-the-nation Commission on LGBTQ Affairs. Rosemary is the proud mother of two sons and lives in the Harrisburg area with her dog, Miles.

Molly Janczyk

Molly Janczyk is an enthusiastic Admissions Counselor at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA. For the last few years, she has worked closely with high school students and their families as they consider their future options in education. While completing her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Science, she interned with Someone To Tell It To and discovered a passion for their unique mission. Molly is currently in the process of earning her MBA in Strategic Leadership from Messiah College, and she also serves on the leadership team of a local church plant, The Open Door at Calvary.

Barbara Wadsworth

Barbara Wadsworth serves as the Senior Vice President of Patient Services and the Chief Nursing Officer of Main Line Health. She shared, “Nurses have the unique privilege to care for patients and families at the most important, challenging, and exciting times of their life. The most important part of this work is being authentically present, listening, and creating an experience for the patient and family. ‘Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care,’ a famous quote from Theodore Roosevelt, really captures the work of caregivers. Healthcare is complex and caring for patients is challenging and at times is difficult for the staff. Caring for the caregiver is as important as caring for patients. Building resilience, psychological safety, and supporting the caregivers in a meaningful way includes listening, supporting them, and providing resources. Someone To Tell It To provides a resource like no other for patients, families, staff, physicians, and leaders through authentic listening, presence, and genuine caring that has proved to be tremendously valuable and appreciated by my staff.”

Our Advisors

Ray Chung

Ray has served with HOPE International since 2011. He currently serves the HOPE International team in the area of Human Resources. He has worn many hats in his career: benefits specialist, compensation professional, trainer, marketer, and HR strategist. Prior to joining HOPE, Ray worked as a human resource consultant for Willis Towers Watson in Asia, and had a variety of roles at TE Connectivity. His other involvement includes serving on the Messiah College alumni council, Christian Leadership Alliance advisory board, and as board member for Rider Musser Development. Ray and his wife, Heather, have three children, Micah, Delia, and Eden. They live in Dillsburg, PA, and are members of The Meeting House Church.

Saeed Otufat-Shamsi

Saeed has over 20 years experience in establishing and growing businesses with roles that span from international business development, operation, finance, and technology. Saeed is founder and CEO of Xpansion Leasing with the mission to provide financing for all aspects of building mechanical equipment, whether it is multi-residential, commercial, or institutional. He also founded NovoTech Software, which is specialized in providing analytical software for GeoTechnical Engineers. He is passionate about providing helping hands to less fortunate people and has been a board member and director of project funding for World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) since 2013. He resides in North Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

Jacqueline Pace Rucker

Born and brought up in the midwest, Jacqueline’s desire was to become a missionary. She attended Valparaiso University and Indiana University Northwest. After completion of an MALS with a concentration in English from Valparaiso University, she continued working in human services (writing on the side!) for the next 40 years. Along the way she obtained a JD degree from Widener University School of Law (now Commonwealth Law). She retired from Christian Churches United as the Executive Director in 2015 and now spends time helping at the garden at Fort Hunter, sewing, knitting and reading. Jacqueline currently serves on the board of Tri County Community Action and is an active member of her church, Messiah Lutheran.

In Memoriam

Bob Haigh

Board Member, 2016 – 2018

Our dear friend and board member Bob Haigh spent many years working in Pennsylvania human services, including serving as Chief of Staff to two DPW secretaries, acting head of the state mental health program for nearly three years, and Foundation Liaison for two governors. Before leaving state service, he generated over $65 million in foundation support for service innovation, including a nationally recognized prenatal program for high-risk, low-income women. He was the founding executive at a Lancaster health foundation and directed the early years of Pre K Counts. Sadly, Bob passed away on May 12, 2018.

Read our tribute to Bob

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