Michael Gingerich, M. Div.

“Listening opens up infinitely more aspects of the world that I would never experience without hearing others’ stories. It broadens my understandings, deepens my compassion, and connects me to feelings that I would never know otherwise. Listening makes me a better person, because it gives voice to ideas and insights that only connecting with others can give.”

—Michael Gingerich,
Co-Founder, Co-CEO

I am married to Katherine Walton Gingerich and am the father of three sons: Adam, David, and Matthew. I’m also the grandfather of five: Lilyanna, Emma, Emmett, Elle, and Milo. I live in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I love chocolate!

I am passionate about fostering relationships of depth and about listening with intention to everyone I meet, both professionally and personally. I strive every day to be compassionate, gracious, generous, empathetic, and fully present wherever I am. I love to read (especially biographies of people who have lived inspiring lives), to write, am moved by music and the arts, and keep healthy by running, walking, and hiking as much as I can. I enjoy gardening, tennis, and being outdoors. I believe it’s vital to have fun in life and to have a sense of humor in meeting life’s challenges. I hold fast to a faith that teaches unconditional love, kindness, and humility.

My heroes include Henri Nouwen and Fred (Mr.) Rogers. I find the work and words of Dr. Brene Brown, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and the Dalai Lama to be foundational.

I am a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (B.A.) and Lancaster Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and am privileged to be involved in a mission that I absolutely love, co-leading with my closest friend and a team of people who have hearts for servant leadership and caring about the emotional and spiritual needs of others.

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