Hike for Loneliness

We’re gearing up for our first ever Hike for Loneliness!



A $25 donation will get you The Hiking Packet.

A $50 donation will get you The Hiking Packet and a Someone To Tell It To t-shirt.

Share your hike with us on Social Media. Take pictures, video, etc., and share it. Use #hikeforloneliness to share your hiking stories.

Checks can be sent to 216 State St., Harrisburg, PA 17101 or donated through our website.



People all around the world will support the Hike for Loneliness movement anytime during the weekend of May 3-5. Whether you can get outside for a long hike on the weekend with friends and family or just have 25 minutes at lunch to walk around with some co-workers, we want you to be a part of it!



Anywhere! We encourage you to “hike” wherever you are. This can be a strenuous hike or just a walk around outside. We just want to encourage you to get outside, get moving, and get talking!



We do a lot of our best thinking and connecting outside. People tend to let down barriers on a walk. We wanted to find a way to have everyone experience this deepening of relationships.



Any 2-3+ groups of people can participate, all over the world! We want to see business groups, faith groups, mom groups, friends, families, clubs, schools, teams…anyone…getting outside. Walk. Talk. Listen.



If your business/organization would like to support this event, please see our sponsorship form. Every little bit helps! Thank you. HikeforLonelinessSponsor