Our History

Someone To Tell It To was co-founded in 2012 by Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden. Michael and Tom had been each other’s “someone to tell it to” for years—a constant friend and listening ear in moments of challenge, uncertainty, and everyday life. The organization was formed from their desire to support people in a deeper way and give everyone someone who would listen with compassion.

Since its founding, Someone To Tell It To has had more than 15,000 interactions of compassionate listening with people in the United States and in several countries around the world.

Our Mission

Someone To Tell It To cultivates meaningful relationships through compassionate listening and trains others to do the same.

Our Vision

Someone To Tell It To’s vision is a world in which everyone matters, everyone is heard, and loneliness is diminished.

Our Values

Compassionate Listening: We lay aside our prejudices and preconceptions.

Inherent Worth: We encourage everyone to share their story because we believe everyone has value.

Healthy Vulnerability: We invite open and honest sharing, free from judgment.

Meaningful Relationships: We engage in ongoing, two-sided relationships.

Our Practices

We carry out all of our listening interactions in pairs.

We meet every “Someone” how and where they are comfortable.

We never turn Someone away due to financial constraints.

We use technology to foster deep connections.

We avoid rigid time limitations.

2019 ILA Listening in the Business Sector Award

Our heads are still spinning a bit from our experience at the International Listening Association’s annual convention in Vancouver. We learned, we presented, we listened. Then we were over-whelmed by the honor we received…ILA’s Listening in the Business Sector Award. The nomination stated, “Someone To Tell It To is a non-profit ministry with a mission of creating a caring culture that accompanies others to journeys toward deeper connections…Their scope of impact is extensive and their work within the business sector is both impactful and impressive.” We couldn’t believe we were selected. There are no words. We want to thank all of you for helping us to make this happen.

Our Founders

Michael Gingerich, M. Div.

“Listening opens up infinitely more aspects of the world that I would never experience without hearing others’ stories. It broadens my understandings, deepens my compassion, and connects me to feelings that I would never know otherwise. Listening makes me a better person, because it gives voice to ideas and insights that only connecting with others can give.”


Tom Kaden, M. Div.

“One of my life’s mantras is to ‘know and be known.’ This happens by listening. Listening isn’t something I simply hope to embody and achieve professionally, but it is who I want to be at home with my wife and four kids, at church, at the grocery store, at the local coffee shop, on the phone, in the emails and text messages I send, and everywhere else where I have the chance to ‘know and be known.’”


Who is Someone?

Someone with a story to share. Someone who needs a friend. Someone who wants to see the world change through the power of listening. Everyone is the “Someone” in Someone To Tell It To. It’s not just us. We’ve never been about one-way relationships; we always hope to establish a mutual relationship between friends who are sharing life’s journey together.


“Thank you for just listening. Thank you for not trying to fix it but just for listening. It helps.”

Quote from Someone

“Thank you for the most inspirational and motivating workshop I have EVER attended. I learned, I reflected, and I made connections – all because of you.”

 Quote from Trainee

“I love Someone To Tell It To. It’s an easy thing to support.”

Quote from Donor

Creating a culture where loneliness is diminished

Our compassionate listeners give you the freedom to talk about anything—truly anything—and walk with you as you start to find healing.

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