Month: December 2015


“Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight, At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more, When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death, And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.” C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe The moment I laid eyes on…
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The Returning Light

The Returning Light If we shall take the good we find, asking no questions, we shall have heaping measures. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Every year, as soon as Halloween is over, my son Matthew waits for the lights. He’s been doing it for more than a dozen years. As the days grow shorter and the…
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The Most Important Gift You Could Give All Year

If you want to be a partner in making an IMPACT, providing TRANSFORMATIONAL counsel and LIFE-SAVING care and in creating RELATIONSHIPS that are deeper and more intentional, we invite you to give to our annual appeal TODAY – online at or by sending a donation to STTIT, 216 State St., Harrisburg, PA 17101-1109. It’s…
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