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“Too often we suffer alone, afraid to share the truth of our insides, afraid to be authentic with others, particularly when we are suffering. That greatly exacerbates pain and prolongs it. A big part of my message is to encourage people to come out of their hiding. Cop to their pain. There are people out there who will listen with healing presence and compassion.

I have just discovered two more. They are Michael Gingerich and Thomas Kaden, who have recently embarked on a mission they have named, brilliantly enough, “Someone To Tell It To.”… I learned of their hopes to help coax people out of their isolation. I believe one of the greatest struggles of humankind is individual isolation, particularly with suffering. With great personal courage themselves, these two guys are committed to tackling that struggle head on. I endorse them without reservation, and admire them both greatly. I am proud to call them my brothers, my friends.”

— Tim Madigan
Author of I’m Proud of You: My Friendship with Fred Rogers

What gets us up in the morning? 

To sit with the woman who is lonely so that she knows that she is not alone.

To allow the man who is afraid to openly express his fears without judgment.

To help bear her burdens when the weight of the world is on her shoulders.

To acknowledge and share tears with the grieving family when someone they love is gone.

To help pick up the pieces of broken lives and hearts and to begin to put them back together again.

To listen and affirm that our questions about matters of faith are just as important as our answers



 Our compassionate listeners are called to this work and ministry. We have a passion for connecting with others and live to help others find deeper connections in their own lives.

We long to help bring people closer to the larger truths of life – that we are all created out of love to experience unconditional love and grace and to have lives of rich meaning and purpose.


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