Give the gift of a compassionate presence and a compassionate listener.

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Someone to Tell It To relies exclusively on donations to provide its services. We want to make those services available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, knowing that this will enable more people to reach out for and receive support and guidance. Your contributions enable you to be partners with us in providing hope, help, healing and wholeness in significant ways.


 We Listen We Care We Support We Affirm We bridge the gap that the medical model finds more difficult to fill – that of emotional and spiritual healing. We provide preventative emotional and spiritual care that lessens the need for more acute care. That ultimately saves money. We help others find a community of support on which they can rely. We refer people to other professionals who are qualified to help with specific clinical and therapeutic needs. We enhance the continuum of care so that no one is left without care or support.


 We do not put limits on the amount of visits or time we share with someone; we have a regular ongoing conversation with frequent follow-up.

We build relationships of mutual depth and trust to enable greater openness and vulnerability.

We are very comfortable speaking to the inevitable questions of spirituality and faith that arise when someone is in pain, experiencing grief, or mired in uncertainty – without projecting sectarian religious perspectives.

We do not turn anyone away based on their ability to pay for services. Instead we rely on donations to support our ministry.


 We are professional compassionate listeners and spiritual companions, trained and gifted speakers and preachers who are able to relate to a wide variety of audiences.

We are mentors and trainers of individuals, churches, groups and non-profit, business and ministry staffs in the importance of empathy, listening with intention and being fully present when others share with us.

We are proponents of greater connection and understanding that better enables communication in order to develop healthy relationships. We all want and need to know that God is our ultimate Someone To Tell It To. But sometimes we need a compassionate presence and a listening ear to remind us of that. We want to be that Someone To Tell It To: to the person who is lonely, afraid, hurting, grieving, broken in any way, or has questions about matters of faith.

Reasons to Donate (Testimonials)

My lifelong struggle has been over not only how or why I judge others, but how and why I judge and condemn myself. For as long as I can remember, I have felt “not worthy” and “not enough,” and this has broken and scarred me in every area of my life. I am struggling to evolve toward self-love and self-acceptance without judgment, so I can truly bring that to everyone I touch in my life. Thank you for your beautiful and loving perspective.


Honestly, I feel humbled that I shared with you and that you welcomed me with open arms.  Thanks again for the non-judgmental conducive atmosphere that you created for me.  

-John, Uganda

We really appreciated your visit!  It was obvious that you have been trained, or are gifted, in talking with people who are going through difficult times.  Thanks for your understanding and encouragement!

– Wanda and Roy, Pennsylvania

Thanks for your time yesterday. I appreciated the conversation, especially to find that there is someone out there in my position. I didn’t feel so alone. I feel unsettled much of the time, as though I need to push myself toward some full-time, benefit laden, socially acceptable position, which seems elusive these days. I’m trying to let my situation rest gently on my shoulders for the time being. Your ability to do the same for yourself helped my disposition.

– Haydn, Pennsylvania

I don’t know if you realize how important your strength, support and kindness means to people when they are scared and don’t know where or whom to turn to…You are the true meaning of an “earth angel”.  Thank you for being there for me.

– Christine, Pennsylvania

Tom and Michael aren’t ordinary counselors. It wasn’t about solving a problem or feeling better; our conversations, emails, and gatherings, were about sharing our lives together, not just my own. It wasn’t someone analyzing me. It was someone willing to get into the trenches with me, ask me tough questions and being able to listen without judgement. Together, Tom and Michael helped me get through the muck and mire, and still didn’t let me go. They continue to be there for me now. It’s the commitment they make to always be there that helps encourage me to press on.

– Matt, Pennsylvania