Thomas M. Kaden, M. Div. – Co-Founder & President

Tom graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary and Messiah College. He has been actively involved in the church for several years as a lay leader and a paid staff youth minister and associate pastor. He is a gifted communicator and counselor to people of all ages and has an uncanny ability of taking surface level relationships to a much deeper place in a short period of time. His heart’s desire and his deepest passion is to connect with all types of people in a way that makes sense to them. He loves creating a safe space for people to share and cultivating authentic relationships. He has spent countless hours doing crisis counseling and mentoring at risk teenagers, young adults and college students struggling to discern their sense of purpose, as well as helping middle-aged adults working through the daily grind of life find joy in the journey. Tom also specializes in reaching individuals who have been burned out on church or skeptical of organized religion. Tom has had two stories published called Uncovered and Stranded with Chicken Soup for the Soul the Power of Positive and Angels Among Us.

Tom is married to Sarah and they have been married since 2006. Sarah is a registered nurse. They have four children, Lillian and Luke, and twins, Madelyn and Mya. They enjoy spending time with other married couples and helping them find joy and wholeness in their marriages. They live in Mt. Holly Springs, PA.  Tom also sits on the advisory committee for a non-profit called Fathering.Me which mentors fathers of unexpected pregnancies.

Tom and Michael Gingerich published their first book together – Someone To Tell It To: Sharing Life’s Journey – in the summer of 2014.