“Dear ‘Listeners’ –
I just finished reading your book and LOVED it! The book is alive with kindness, wisdom, and loads of grace. You have been so transparent and honest. My reaction from the heart is simply that I like what God has called you to do. What a good fit that you can offer the gift of being “someone to tell it to”.  I have often said that one of the greatest gifts we can offer a child is to really see them. What I really meant is listen to them. Clearly it is something we all need throughout our entire lives.  I can see how the writings and teachings of Henri Nouwen have influenced you and are woven throughout your book.  I am sure Henri would have enjoyed and encouraged your ministry. I do think we should find ways to work together. Once again, congratulations on this very inspiring and life-giving book and on your obedience to God’s call. You are truly faithful listeners to those who need be met with authenticity, kindness and encouragement.”

__Karen Pascal, Executive Director of the Henri Nouwen Society & Legacy Trust (www.henrinouwen.org)

“Someone to Tell It To represents one of the most compassionate outreaches to those who are troubled by groanings that cannot be uttered.  The prayerful listening and counseling that this ministry does is one of the most effective instruments for the healing of minds and souls that I know about anywhere in the world.  What a treasure it is for us to have this ministry serving so faithfully at work that is essential and, yet, has been left largely undone.”

—Tony Campolo, PhD, Sociology Department, Eastern University

 “If it isn’t the greatest need in Christian community, it surely ranks high: RELATIONSHIPS, the kind that connect people in ways only the Gospel makes possible.  That’s what “Someone To Tell It To” is all about.  And that’s why their vision has my support.”

— Dr. Larry Crabb, Author, Psychologist

“To listen to another’s story is to accept an audacious invitation onto Holy Ground. By their example, Someone To Tell It To teaches us how to take off our shoes, open our hearts and change the world.”

–Wm. Paul Young, Author of The Shack, Cross Roads, Eve

Praise for Someone To Tell It To:

“Too often we suffer alone, afraid to share the truth of our insides, afraid to be authentic with others, particularly when we are suffering. That greatly exacerbates pain and prolongs it. A big part of my message, when discussing my friendship with Mister Rogers, is to encourage people, to come out of their hiding. Cop to their pain. There are people out there who will listen with healing presence and compassion.

I have just discovered Someone To Tell It To. … I learned of their hopes to help coax people out of their isolation, (as Fred coaxed me out of mine.)… I believe one of the greatest struggles of humankind is individual isolation, particularly with suffering. With great personal courage Someone To Tell It To is committed to tackling that struggle head on. I endorse them without reservation, and admire them greatly.”

— Tim Madigan, Arlington, TX
Author of I’m Proud of You: My Friendship with Fred Rogers