About Us

Mike and Tom

Someone To Tell It To.  What a simple idea, to connect with a faraway voice and to trust this voice.  For several years you were that voice.  My mother, father & husband had all been diagnosed within a month of each other with cancer.  I was racing among 3 hospitals, 3 chemo plans, 3 nightmares.  I felt like God had forgotten me for sure… Miracle was, you were there and it was truly a miracle!  I imagine you are connecting to hearts and souls all over the globe, healing suffering with your compassion.  I believe the only way to battle darkness is to turn on this light!

With love & gratitude,

Judi Garlick

Someone To Tell It To

We Listen We Care We Support We Affirm

Someone To Tell It To is a ministry that offers a caring response to private questions of the heart. We help people bear emotional and spiritual burdens – we offer safe harbor and share tears. We help express fear, reject shame and thereby release pain. In short, we bring hope, grace, and healing into the vulnerable and painful seasons of a person’s life.

We are centered on creating a safe environment where people can freely share their personal stories and be heard by a sensitive and respectful heart. We seek to give breath to hope and birth to healing. Thus we restore freedom and empower the heart in its passionate purpose.

We all want and need to know that God loves us and is our Someone To Tell It To. But sometimes we need a compassionate presence and a listening ear to remind us of that. We want to be that Someone To Tell It To: to the person who is lonely, afraid, hurting, grieving, broken in any way, or has questions about matters of faith.

The Problem:

  • All of us have brokenness in our lives. We all experience loss, insecurity, and pain. We all have a need for emotional and spiritual support and security.
  • The healthcare and social safety net systems are overwhelmed and cannot meet all of our needs. There are far too many people who have run out of hope; who feel as if they have nowhere to turn.
  • In this technologically hyper-connected world, we are more disconnected than ever emotionally and spiritually. While we can be in touch with others in real time in more ways than ever before, there is often an inherent shallowness and lack of emotional intimacy in these connections.
  • People, especially millennials, are crying out for connections of depth and authenticity. They crave a life of purpose and meaning.

The Reason Something Must Be Done:

In an often dark, violent, and frightening world, we all need light, calm, and solace to bring us hope again – or for the very first time.

In this challenging age, we imagine a world where everyone can be truly heard, reminded that they are not alone in their challenges, and given encouragement to find a comforting path to healing.



Why is Someone To Tell It To Needed Now?

“Someone to tell it to” has always been needed. People have needed emotional and spiritual safety throughout time. As skepticism about the church and institutional religion increases, there is growing need for people of faith – people committed to living compassionately, graciously, and hopefully growing in their willingness and ability to offer solace and support to others.

The rapid pace of change and of our everyday lives presents an ever-stronger need to process and give voice to our challenges and struggles.

The Solution

The Someone To Tell It To model of intentional listening, compassionate presence, and meeting people in safe environments is inviting and non-threatening. We believe in taking the time to build trust, in asking good and incisive questions, and in authentic, non-judgmental care.

Someone To Tell It To accentuates important truths. That every one of us is:

1)    valued,

2)    loved by God unconditionally,

3)    free to live authentically and with grace.


We believe that everyone has a story to tell and deserves to be heard. Our process of providing support and care is unique for each person and includes a dynamic mix of presence, listening, compassion and guidance.

Just knowing that others are joining in on the lonely, fractured parts of a person’s journey renews courage and nourishes souls. Fear and shame diminish and the awakening perspective brings greater peace.

How Does What We Do Make Us Feel?

We feel as if we are in the presence of the sacred and the eternal when someone tells us something they have never shared with others before.

When we are trusted enough to hear the intimate brokenness of another’s heart, we feel privileged and believe that we are God’s representatives on earth.

When we are able to help give someone the permission they need to live fully, authentically, and as they were created to live, we feel as if we are truly doing the work that we have been created to do.

Someone To Tell It To was co-founded in 2012 by Michael Gingerich, M.Div. and Thomas Kaden, M. Div., as a direct result of their calling to listen to and support people in a deeper way, their friendship, their being each other’s “someone to tell it to” in moments of challenge and uncertainty, and their desire to share a message that everyone needs “someone to tell it to” in their lives. Since its founding, Someone To Tell It To has had more than 4,500 interactions of compassionate listening and presence with people in the United States and in several countries around the world.


Board of Directors

  • Terri Bowling, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Gil Brown, Hummelstown, PA
  • Brian Duke, Washington Crossing, PA
  • Bob Haigh, Harrisburg, PA
  • Simon Rogers, Harrisburg, PA
  • Albert Sarvis, Camp Hill, PA